35+ Years of delivering freshly roasted quality coffee to our Customers

We started as a 1-person business in San Rafael, CA and have grown to meet the demand of great tasting coffee that coffee lovers prefer.

We have fresh roasted gourmet coffee... you will be happy that you gave our coffee a try!

The best 100% Arabica beans harvested from framers in the best coffee-growing regions of the world. Much of our offering is certified Fair-Trade Organic FROM the premium PARTS of the world. Our Petaluma Roaster has the best equipment to ensure each roast and grind is exactly what is needed to provide a clean-tasting coffee, bursting with the full flavor of the bean. This KEEPS every cup of coffee as amazing as the first.

Bodega Coffee Company has been offering quality gourmet coffee for over 35 years. We focus on maintaining consistent great tasting coffee that coffee lovers prefer. All of coffee is roasted by an EXPERIENCED staff in Petaluma California that takes pride in their work. We hope you enjoy what Bodega Coffee Company has to offer.

Our customers love US because we don't cut corners on taste... JUST provide the quality water and brewing needed to serve your coffee drinkers... The Bodega "Taste of Excellence"